This puzzle was created as part of Enigmarch, a daily puzzle construction challenge.

Read this carefully to find what you need;

Now that you've read this you won't be misled.

glass case     4___
gross shows    _5___
clothes fuzz   _2__
stove glove    1___
clear air      _6__
pruned mound   __3__

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We are looking for

Words that are spelled the same but have a different meaning with different pronunciation (i.e., homographs). In the example, we are given two words rhyming with read even though they don't rhyme with each other. Similarly we get

glass case: Bass
gross shows: cLose
clothes fuzz: dOes
stove glove: Dove
clear air: tEar
pruned mound: woUnd

The answers are also in alphabetical order which verifies them. When we put the highlighted letters in the correct order, they spell out DOUBLE.


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