Currently stuck on Super Picross and looking for a hint for the next logical deduction on Mario stage SP-I.

Mario stage SP-I


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A deduction for either side column:

The second-from side columns can have runs of maximum length 2. Therefore, the 5 and 3 on the side columns must use a row which has an ending run of length 1. For the 3, this may happen anywhere. For the 5, there must be 1s in sufficient places such that no 3-length section of the 5 passes through rows which all have starting runs of length >1.

For example:

If the leftmost-column's run of 5 is placed in the top of the un-Xed place (rows 3-8), each of the rows it passes through have a starting run of length >1. Therefore each row will extend a run out of the 5, moving to columns further right. However, since all rows extend, the second-from-left column will have a run of 5, which is not allowed.

This gets you to:


If you need a little further, try applying similar logic to:

the top row

with the important modification that

only columns with length >2 need be considered bad, and now it is runs of 4 bad columns which are disallowed.

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You can determine the position of the 7 in the second row.



Why? Otherwise, we can deduce the following sequence.


first deduction


second deduction


third deduction


this creates a group of 4 in the third row.


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