Language Barrier - Stolen, "Borrowed" English only

(Author Note) A while ago I made some puzzles for a now defunct puzzle hunt project, here's one of them. The answer to this (and some other puzzles of said hunt) is two words. The puzzle itself is fully contained within the image above. Author notes don't matter.



1. Ennemi du Titanic
2. Pista per la poggia
3. Element für fünf Cent
4. Sangre de perrito caliente
9. Tre angoli
10. Špízové mäso
11. Cantidad limitada permitida 13. Reste inconnu


5. Lois aveugles
6. Kleiner bruder des Minenwerfers
7. Tal ohne Gletscher
8. Noeud délicieux
12. Raccolta di lettere
14. Miedo repentino

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The answer is


The filled in puzzle is

enter image description here


Each answer is an English word loaned from another language. Surprisingly, the clues are not in the language the answer word was loaned from.

  1. Ennemi du Titanic

French "Enemy of the Titanic" Iceberg

  1. Pista per la poggia

Italian "Track for the rain" Gutter

  1. Element für fünf Cent

German "Element for five cents" Nickel

  1. Sangre de perrito caliente

Spanish "Blood of a hot dog" Ketchup

  1. Tre angoli

Italian "Three angles" Triangle

  1. Špízové mäso

Slovak "Skewered meat" Kebab

  1. Cantidad limitada permitida

Spanish "Permitted limited quantiy" Quota

  1. Reste inconnu

French "Remains unknown" Anonymous

  1. Lois aveugles

French "Blind laws" Justice

  1. Kleiner bruder des Minenwerfers

German "Little brother of the Mortar" Howitzer

  1. Tal ohne Gletscher

German "Valley without glacier" Fjord

  1. Noeud délicieux

French "Delicious knot" Pretzel

  1. Raccolta di lettere

Italian "Collection of letters" Alphabet

  1. Miedo repentino

Spanish "Sudden fear" Panic

Finally, take the red highlighted letters

and arrange them according to the Roman numerals and you get CHALLENGER DEEP

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