Gridlocks is a word puzzle genre invented by my friend sus. Here's how it works:

  • You are given 3x3 crosswords to fill in.
  • Two of the crossword clues clue 3-letter words that must be entered down the middle column and the middle row, intersecting in the center.
  • Two of the crossword clues clue 4-letter words that can be found be found by anagramming the letters in two separate tetrominoes found in the grid.
  • Clues may be presented in any order.
  • A final answer may be extracted by taking the unused letter in each grid in some order.

Sound confusing? Here's an example:

enter image description here

..and its solution:

enter image description here

The 3-letter words are SAT and BAR, and the 4-letter words and PRAY and BASS. The extra letter is T.

Without further ado, here are the puzzles!

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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The answers are
Before - Ere
Blunder - Err
Cold Cubes - Ice
Deceive - Lie
Expert - Ace
Garland - Lei
Net - Web
Ocean - Sea
Polite title - Sir
Prickly husk - Bur
Regret - Rue
Teensy - Wee

Adhesive - Tape
Chess piece - Pawn
Den - Lair
Duct - Tube
Hay unit - Bale
Kind - Nice
Legumes - Peas
Naked - Bare
Ooze - Seep
Rip - Tear
Sat _ book - Prep
Très - Bien

These give the following faces of the cube

or the full cube
Reading the extra letters in the order given by the diagram gives the final answer BEWARE.


The answers are
iPod type - Nano
Spouse - Wife
Musician Brian - Eno
One ___ million - In a

Angsty music - Emo
Pamper, with "on" - Dote
Company - Firm
"I think," in texts - IMO

Anger - Ire
Passion - Fire
Before, poetically - Ere
Delight - Glee

Flightless bird - Emu
Subatomic particle - Muon
"I love," in Spanish - Amo
Qualified - Able

Which we can fit into the grids

The extra letters G, O, E, D give the corner letters for the final gridlocks puzzle. The wordle puzzles can be solved as

These new clues have the answers
Fine - Good
Miff - Rile
Free - Rid
Lube - Oil

giving the final grid

where we can read the final answer GRIDDLE, a combination of gridlocks and wordle.

Gridlocks #3:

The answers are
Many mins. - Hrs
White-tailed eagle - Ern
"Moonstruck" actress - Cher
One of 60 billion in a min. - Nsec

Approves - OKs
Wisecrack - Joke
Courage, informally - Guts
Guitar relative, briefly - Uke

Muslim endowment - Waqf
Wonder - Awe
2016 Presidential candidate Nuts - Deez
Sheep - Ewe

Gambit - Play
Soul, in France - Ame
Language also known as Pelasla - Vame
"Little Women" woman - Amy

with the grids

The extra letters give the final answer IBEX


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