A man was murdered in a village and the police inspector asked two constables to go to the scene and provide a First Information Report (FIR)... As it was night and the location was too far from the station, the constables did not go and made a fake FIR. After reading the report, the inspector said "you are both suspended for making a fake report".

Here is the FIR report:

"When we arrived at the scene, the door was open and a man aged about 40-45 was found dead in a chair. A bulb was glowing in the room and the fan was switched on. There was a table in front of the dead body and the table contained an opened bottle of poison, a half-filled drinking water bottle, a pen, a newspaper that was opened to pages 9-10, one table top calendar opened at June 20, a 5 rupee coin, and one notebook. One bed was also in the room.

It seems that this person committed suicide."

The question is: How did the inspector know that the report was fake and that the constables did not go to the location of the incident?

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I think answer is

pages 9-10 can not be open at same moment

that's the clue that report was fake


Man was Murdered, but, FIR says suicide. Hence, inspector feel fake FIR

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The report read:

"A bulb was glowing in the room and the fan was switched on."

Now consider the first line of the question:-

A man was murdered in a village.

The Police Inspector read the report:-

...A bulb was glowing in the room and the fan was switched on.

suspected if there could be electricity at night in a village (especially in India), so he found that the report was fake.

Anyways, @user2408578's is the best but this could be a possible explaination.


I think the answer is:

News paper shows even and odd numbers when opened. In the story it says 9-10 which is incorrect.

Hence fake FIR

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