Context: This metapuzzle consists of remixes of puzzles created by my friend sus for a weekly puzzle challenge called One Day One Puzl (1D1P for short). Knowledge of those puzzles is not required to solve this puzzle.

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Minipuzzle 1

"In the manner of" in French is A LA. We can see "used to create green colors in fireworks" in the window behind it, and BArium is used for this purpose. Behind that, we have an abbreviation for "STreet" or "STrait"; and in the very back, a screenshot from the show ER. So the answer to this puzzle is ALABASTER.

Minipuzzle 2

There are two layers on these cells, and correspondingly two ways to fill out the grid:
two grid fills
The marked letters spell NONCE.

Minipuzzle 3

The images on the left side are rebuses for MORSE, PIGPEN, and REBUS. Interpret the right sides appropriately, and you get ORE, GA, and NO(-on). So the answer to this puzzle is OREGANO.

Minipuzzle 4

Each of the "clues" here can be interpreted as cryptic wordplay, with spaces removed:

h and ymen = H+YMEN
new tonian = NATION*
swallow tail = _ALLOW draw back = WARD<
s k in head = S+K+I_
st and al on e = ST+AL+E
mid westerner = _STERN_
un in flated = FLA(UN)TED
sound board = "BORED"

filled grid
The red letters anagram to FLORIDLY.

Minipuzzle 5

The dots show the middle row of a line of letters mashed together. Since the red lines are 21 pixels long, it follows that the letters we're looking for are directly together, without any spaces.

image with letters delimited The only reasonable word that fits this pattern, according to Nutrimatic, is ILLICIT (which fits the theme of things being censored!)

Minipuzzle 6

The four pairs of squares around the edges each form a mini-minipuzzle.

The top-left has the truth table for the "implies" operator; the next cell tells us to take the infinitive form, IMPLY.
The bottom-right has a diagram of the solar system; using that with the diagram next to it, we get the word STYLE from the bottom.

The top-right image is a picture of the Fool from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck; the large O is on The WORLD.

The things being pointed to in the lower left are curly braces; the corresponding tetrominoes spell out SCRUB.
There are notches in the corners of the outer four puzzles, telling us where in the middle grid they start. You can spell out all four five-letter answers starting with the letter in the corresponding corner, and then making four moves with one of the chess pieces.

annotated image
Once all the letters of the answers are eliminated, the knight is the leftover piece, spelling GNASH.

Minipuzzle 7

Fill in the digits of pi -- but as domino halves rather than directly.

enter image description here The indicated regions spell out DIE SPOT(3), which is a clue for PIP.

Minipuzzle 8

The color codes of the hexagons are: B1A5ED, EFFACE, A55E55, BAB1E5, FACADE, DEFACE, DEC1DE, AC1D1C, and ACCE55.

We can then use these as clues to fill in the crossword:
filled crossword grid
The marked letters anagram to MISSTEPS.

Minipuzzle 9

The text here spells numbers phonetically in various scripts:
تھرِ: t h r i in Arabic (it should actually be ثرِ to make the "th" sound rather than "t" followed by "h")
ֆաիվ: f ɑ i v in Armenian
зеро: z e r o in Cyrillic
𒌅: tu in Cuneiform (specifically Elamite, and possibly others) फोर: pʰ ɔ r in Devanagari (the first character should probably have a nuqta under it: फ़ोर)
/ˈwən/: w ə n` in IPA

Sorting from 0 to 5, the first letters of each script read CICADA.

Minipuzzle 10

filled grids
Following the instructions, the leftover letters spell SANGUINE.

Minipuzzle 11

Each of the rows can have a letter added above the arrow to make a word. In fact, most of them can be completed in two ways: puzzle with letters added in middle
You can make two five-letter words depending on your choice of completion: SIGHT and ORGAN. So the answer is EYE.

Minipuzzle 12

cryptic clues solved
Solving the cryptic clues and fitting them into the grid, we see AWARDS in the middle.

Minipuzzle 13

Treating the blocks as a substitution cipher, we get the text:
This is a 3×3 crossword, with solution

Filling the corresponding squares into the grid, we get:
picture of filled 3×3 grid with creeper face
the face of a CREEPER from Minecraft.

Minipuzzle 14

Each of the clues is hiding its clue number, either spelled out (as shown by the eye), or phonetically (as shown by the ear). The answers also have numbers hidden in them in one of these two manners; these numbers need to be condensed into a single square to fit them in the grid.
filled grid and annotated clues

The circled letters anagram to CITATION.

Minipuzzle 15

As the example shows, we need to divide the given shape up into letters from the bank on the right.

The top right need two Os, then the top left needs two Ls, then the bottom left must be a P, and the rest is easy to figure out through trial and error:

dissected shape

The region letters anagram to LOLLIPOP.

Minipuzzle 16

As shown by the image, we need to figure out the substitution cipher between the letters and the 26 shapes below.

It turns out each of the smaller shapes is made up of four quadrants, which independently cipher into arrangements of lines:

correspondence between shapes and quadrants

The text at the bottom then reads CALIPHATE.


Each colored box around the outside indicates a property that the answers may or may not have:

The pink box in the top-left indicates "this word has a vowel-consonant-vowel pattern where the vowels are the same": ALABASTER, ILLICIT, CICADA.

The orange box on the top indicates that the answer shares its first four letters with a US state.
The yellow box on the top right indicates that the answer has a 4-letter word as a substring.
The green box on the right indicates an eight-letter answer.
The blue box on the bottom right indicates that the answer has a 4-letter word as a substring in reverse.
The teal box on the bottom indicates that the answer starts with C.
The cyan box on the bottom left indicates that the answer has a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern where the consonants are the same -- the inverse of the red box. The purple box on the left indicates that the answer has three copies of a letter.

all words classified The 1D1P logo in the original image has all eight cells highlighted; we're looking for a word that satisfies all eight of those properties.

The word in question, and therefore the final answer, is COLOSSUS.

Thanks to Jafe, Stiv, and user39583 for helping me fill in the missing parts of this answer.

  • $\begingroup$ Immense work, very nice :) A couple of additions for you: rot13(6: PHEYL OENPRF -> FPEHO jvgu funcr-yrggre pbeerfcbaqrapr, naq 10: Gbc yrsg vf npghnyyl CER (abg RER) naq FURRC (Puvarfr Mbqvnp)) $\endgroup$
    – Stiv
    Nov 15, 2021 at 23:21
  • $\begingroup$ For minipuzzle 7, I think you've mistranscribed the red box. That should fix the issue with the cyan square. :) $\endgroup$ Nov 16, 2021 at 1:12
  • $\begingroup$ ^ Re 7, rot13(R vf npghnyyl VR juvpu jbhyq tvir lbh QVR FCBG, fb gur 3 yrggre nafjre jbhyq or CVC, fb lbh unir n PIP cebcregl gb pbzcyrzrag lbhe bgure IPI cebcregl, fngvfsvrq ol gur FHF ng gur raq bs PBYBFFHF) $\endgroup$
    – Stiv
    Nov 16, 2021 at 7:30
  • $\begingroup$ rot13(Gur beqrevat bs gur yrggref va #15 frrzf gb sbyybj gur beqre bs gur pbybhef va n envaobj) $\endgroup$
    – Jafe
    Nov 16, 2021 at 8:14
  • $\begingroup$ Oh, the blue bottom right property is rot13(jbeqf pbagnvavat n 4-yrggre jbeq onpxjneqf: uFNAT, fCRGFfvz, fQENJn, erCRREp, cbCVYYby naq fhfFBYBp (be FHFFbybp)) $\endgroup$
    – Stiv
    Nov 16, 2021 at 9:23

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