My favorite holiday destination is hidden in this secret message. Can you find what it is?

enter image description here

Hint 1:

The chosen colors are not important and the puzzle can be solved without them. They do provide some hints though.

Hint 2:

The destination is a real geographical location in my country.

Hint 3:

Each row of the grid can be decoded into a single English letter.


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Your favourite destination is:

Gold Coast, Queensland

Each of the rows ...

... is a two-digit number encoded in Morse code. The numbers in Morse are five signals each with a regular pattern:

      0 ----- 1 ·---- 2 ··--- 3 ···-- 4 ····-
      5 ····· 6 -···· 7 --··· 8 ---·· 9 ----·

This patters , where there is at most on change between the symbols, is visible in the code. The "rift" in the middle denotes the boundary between the digits.

Treating coloured squares as dashes and white squares as dots, we get seven numbers between 1 and 21, which we can treat as indoces of letters in the alphabet (A is 1, Z is 26):

      ----- .---- 01 A
      ..--- .---- 21 U
      ----- ...-- 03 C
      .---- ..... 15 O
      ----- .---- 01 A
      .---- ----. 19 S
      ..--- ----- 20 T

Au is the chemical symbol of gold. It's also the two-letter code for Australia, which is nice. The colours in the image indicate the two words. They represent the blue ocean and the "gold coast".

Have a nice holiday! :)

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    $\begingroup$ Bingo! Correct and well done. You even explained the colours. I was worried that no one will get this one and I would have to spell it out :) $\endgroup$ Commented Oct 29, 2021 at 13:55

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