This is a double connect wall puzzle. The objective is to rearrange the sixteen people below in the 4x4 grid such that each row of 4 will be related by a common theme and each column of 4 will also be related a common theme. In total, there will be 8 different themes/categories.

After discovering the 8 themes, attempt to determine the intended title for the puzzle, which is three words: F____ ___ _____s


Since several of these people might be unfamiliar, rather than force everyone to paste thumbnails into a reverse image search, I've added a clue for each image. Each clue is a movie title unless otherwise noted, and the ordering is in reading order (left to right, top to bottom).

  1. The Producers (1967)
  2. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  3. Jerry Maguire
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody
  5. The Bodyguard
  6. Any Given Sunday
  7. Wimbledon
  8. Training Day
  9. Space Jam
  10. Joker
  11. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  12. Song: Low
  13. All That Jazz
  14. Jupiter Ascending
  15. Song: How You Remind Me
  16. TV Show: Ginny and Georgia
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Thanks in part to the community wiki answer, the people in question are:

Kenneth Mars, Austin Powers, Cuba Gooding Jr., Freddie Mercury

Whitney Houston, Joe Montana, Venus Williams, Denzel Washington

Michael Jordan, Joaquin Phoenix, Indiana Jones, Flo Rida

John Stockton, Jupiter Jones, Chad Kroeger, Georgia Miller

Note that

some of these people are the characters rather than the actors portraying them.

From here, we can fairly easily group them into four categories. From smallest to largest:

U.S. Cities: AUSTIN Powers, Whitney HOUSTON, Joaquin PHOENIX, John STOCKTON


Countries: CUBA Gooding Jr., Michael JORDAN, CHAD Kroeger, GEORGIA Miller

Planets: Kenneth MARS, Freddie MERCURY, VENUS Williams, JUPITER Jones

We can also categorize them based on who they are:

Actors: Joaquin Phoenix, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kenneth Mars

Athletes: John Stockton, Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, Venus Williams

Characters: Austin Powers, Indiana Jones, Georgia Miller, Jupiter Jones

Musicians: Whitney Houston, Flo Rida, Chad Kroeger, Freddie Mercury

Conveniently, each category in the first group contains exactly one member of each category in the second group, allowing us to create the following connect wall:

table with above names and categories

Given the presentation and the fact that the first four categories I found are all types of

place, I'd guess that the title is "Faces and Places" or something similar.

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The double connecting wall can be resolved as follows:

Resolved double wall

Here, the pictured people (four of which require the names of their depicted characters for this to work) can be divided first by occupation (ACTOR, CHARACTER, SPORTS STAR or MUSICIAN) and then secondly by sharing a connection within their names - i.e. whether it contains the name of a PLANET, a COUNTRY, a US STATE, or a US CITY.

As for the intended title, I would suggest something along the lines of:


  • $\begingroup$ (Since I was pipped to the post by @juicifer I shall leave my post as it was at the time I posted it without making any additional modifications, but my reasoning for the choice of title was that rot13(SNPRF naq CYNPRF eulzr fngvfslvatyl, nf jryy nf ersyrpgvat gur gjb 'glcrf bs pbaarpgvba' urer - gur crbcyr gurzfryirf naq gur trbtencuvp ybpngvbaf va gurve anzrf. Sbe jung vg'f jbegu V cersre gurve 'Snprf NAQ Cynprf' bire zl 'Snprf SEBZ Cynprf', nf guvf nccrnef gb zngpu gur punenpgre pbhag va gur chmmyr'f oynaxf, juvpu V unq abg gnxra vagb nppbhag...)) $\endgroup$
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Note This answer doesn't solve the puzzle, but rather offers a quick way to identify the faces in the puzzle's grid through links to Wikipedia articles surrounding the people the faces belong to.

Row 1

Kenneth Mars, Mike Myers, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Freddie Mercury

Row 2

Whitney Houston, Joe Montana, Venus Williams, and Denzel Washington

Row 3

Michael Jordan, Joaquin Phoenix, Harrison Ford, and Flo Rida

Row 4

John Stockton, Mila Kunis, Chad Kroeger, and Brianne Howey


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