I'm slowly working on my next word square puzzle, and during the process, I crafted a partially obsolete order 5 square:

Screenshot of a 5x5 grid where the center tile is the letter V.

The clues, in no particular order are:

  • A guarded hedge for deterring cattle.
  • Roses are red, berries are black; woody and thorny, they might just attack.
  • The first rising sun in the United States.
  • Catalan feminine plural of mine.
  • Reanimated, without the e.

Note: The words you're looking for are available in YAWL, or if you prefer, my 5 letter word list created with YAWL.


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The word square is:


This is because

OXERS are guarded hedges for deterring cattle
BRERE is an ancient form of BRIAR(s) - woody and thorny, they might just attack!
ISSEI is a Japanese term for first-generation immigrants in North America
MEVES is the Catalan feminine(?) plural of "mine"
ZOMBI(e) r(e)animation is quit(e) th(e) probl(e)m

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