I've designed a new type of puzzle called Four-Letter Blocks that mixes crossword puzzles with jigsaw puzzles. You are given a crossword puzzle that's been filled in and then cut up into blocks of four letters, as well as the usual set of crossword clues. Use the clues to assemble the grid. The bad news is that the clues aren't numbered in the normal way - 1 Across might not be in the top left. The good news is that every word has at least the first letter given. For large puzzles like today's, each corner uses a different suit for the clues.

At 13x13, today's challenge is at the hard level, try my previous puzzles for an easy introduction or medium challenge. You can either print out this page or the PDF version, or download the image and solve it in a paint program. Gluing onto cardboard or felt will make the pieces easier to work with.

Pieces of a crossword puzzle

4♣. Scratch or spoil
5♣. Bagel snacks
6♣. Larry, Curly, or Moe
9♣. Spiderweb's gem
1♢. Beatles' forbidden transaction (4 words)
3♢. Bassoon's little brother
6♢. Farmyard humbug
7♢. Big fellow who's up to no good
8♢. Geological layer
9♢. Groucho wondered if it would play there
10♢. Fraternal order with a deer leader?
11♢. Mrs. Danny DeVito
1♡. Our closest star
2♡. Elton John's reptilian wriggle (2 words)
6♡. Smart fashion choices
8♡. Providence protects children and ___
9♡. Swear word
11♡. Keith from the big city
14♡. Monty Python's dead bird
16♡. Geological period
18♡. Trap like a small animal
19♡. Work the soil
3♠. Russian emperor
5♠. South Korea's first president
9♠. Lawrence of Arabia lead
11♠. Internet business

1♣. "At Last" singer James
2♣. Leslie who played Aaron Burr
3♣. Make me laugh
7♣. Suzanne, singer of "Tom's Diner"
8♣. Big-mouth jug
1♢. Deal with it
2♢. Cain's doomed brother
4♢. Medical clinic or condiment
5♢. Comfy corner
3♡. Holds grain or missile
4♡. Contents of a cast
5♡. That's a negative
6♡. Compact storage for music
7♡. Scent
9♡. Simpsons bus driver
10♡. Stage whisper (1 word) or one fourth of a square (2 words)
11♡. Often mixed with downs
12♡. Ship deserter
13♡. Is that a phone in your pocket, or are you just cold?
15♡. Italian before Euros
17♡. Totally pipe shaped, man!
1♠. Pretend to be one of the 4♡ Down
2♠. Fish eggs
3♠. Heavy kind of rain
4♠. Colourful part of London or New York
6♠. Guinness, the original Obiwan
7♠. Stronger than 7♡ Down
8♠. Netherlands
10♠. Ambulance letters
12♠. Boohoo!


1 Answer 1


The solved puzzle (including suits and clue numbers):

13×13 filled crossword grid


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