The picture below is a puzzle from the Boxentriq game, which should help me find a particular book.

Decoding the pictured Dancing Men cipher gives me "LIBERAL II". Using this and the numbers at the bottom of the image I have to find a hidden message via a book cipher. However, I cannot pinpoint the book in question - can anyone help identify it from this information?



The trick is

There is an omitted space in the book title. What you are actually clued/ searching for is LIBER AL

This leads to

Liber AL vel Legis, the book of laws.

A copy can be found

here: https://lib.oto-usa.org/libri/liber0220.html


There is an additional step after identifying the correct parts of the text. It's clued in the second hint in the app.


Partial answer:

I have tried this way of solving:

When you search LIBERAL II on google, one of the top searches is liberal ii book. This points to a book of some kind.

See that cipher? Well, There is a book related to that called the adventure of the dancing men by Arthur Donan Kyle.

Now, you can apply that book cipher. Unless we don't know the page breaks. So I tried without the page breaks and: IN THIN FROM SEATED SUNK SOME HE SEATED LOOKED CURVED SO HOLMES PLUMAGE IN MY SOME. Yep, it's gibberish.


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