Inspired by Stiv's fantastic Where? word association puzzle, I decided to create my own. Special thanks to Stiv for test-solving and general feedback!

Instructions (adapted from The GCHQ Puzzle Book (2016) and Stiv's original puzzle): The words in the following list can be partitioned into equal-sized sets depending on words associated with them; each set has its own word association method. This list is arranged so that these associated words are in alphabetical order. One of these sets is missing a member, so you have to work out where in the list the associated word fits alphabetically, and hence where the word itself should appear in the list. The list should be read from left to right and top to bottom and is only written in columns for convenience. See the original puzzle for a more detailed explanation and an example.

Now, without further ado...

Where does ‘Jack’ fit in the following list?

Malice Java Emily Free Ladder
One Rain Physics Ice Club
Ragged Drat Martha King Chop
Hound Lemma Captain Hero Land
Growled Germany Air Sharper Dark
Arrest Duck Hands Donkey Clean
Rock Came Detector Dance Ten
Bolivia Piranha Quiz Knowledge White
Repair Friends Groomsmen Arguably Truth
Baby Reaps Pine Life Strains
Steerable High Pokémon Rwanda Baba

As with Stiv's puzzle, please hold off posting partial answers unless you think you have found at least half of the correct word associations (although if you make it that far, why not push to complete the whole puzzle!). Hope you enjoy!


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Jack should go

between Detector and Dance.

The groups are

Women's names by removing first letter: (m)Alice, (j)Ava, (l)Emma, (s)Harper, (b)Olivia, (t)Ruth, (r)Wanda

"x is y", video game names: (Emily is) Away, (Martha is) Dead, (Chop is) Dish, (Knowledge is) Power, (Life is) Strange, (Baba is) You

Song titles with animal names: (Free) Bird, (Hound) Dog, (Dark) Horse, (Rock) Lobster, (Dance) Monkey, (White) Rabbit, (Baby) Shark

Body parts with first letter missing: B-ladder, B-one, B-rain, G-land, H-air, S-pine, T-high

Compound nouns where the first word is a style of music: Classical (Physics), Country (Club), Folk (Hero), House (Arrest), Jazz (Hands), Metal (Detector), Pop (Quiz)

Playable characters in the Super Smash Bros video game: (Ice) Climbers, (King) Dedede, (Captain) Falcon, (Duck) Hunt, (Donkey) Kong, (Piranha) Plant, (Pokémon) Trainer

Anagrams of weapons: Dagger (Ragged), Dart (Drat), Lance (Clean), Mace (Came), Net (Ten), Rapier (Repair), Spear (Reaps)

Colours when taking every other letter: G(r)o(w)l(e)d, G(e)r(m)a(n)y, (f)R(i)e(n)d(s), (g)R(o)o(m)s(m)e(n), (a)R(g)u(a)b(l)y, (s)T(r)a(i)n(s), (s)T(e)e(r)a(b)l(e)

All of these groups are additionally hinted by having some additional group members in the original list (E.g., names: Emily, games: Pokémon, animals: Duck, body parts: Hands, music: Rock, ssb character: Hero, weapon: Club, colour: White)

A full list of the words is given in the picture below

The missing member is

in the video game group, for which we can find the suitable solution Jack is missing.

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