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Your final answer should describe the legibility of this puzzle.


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To start off,

the right side looks to be four lines of text. We can divide the pixels up into 3×3 chunks to read them:

right side of image, cut into chunks


Alright, those seem important. But what about the other side?

Well, the colorful rectangle at the bottom appears to be divisible in the same way:

colorful rectangle divided into 3×3 chunks

This looks like the numbers 123456789.
And there are similar shapes appearing in the top...

This leads to the main aha moment of the puzzle:

The top left can be cut up the same way too -- but parts are being obscured by the number squares at the bottom! So the second and third letters of the first row are 8 (rotated) and 9; on the far right of that row, we have 7, but it's been rotated and color-flipped.

The colors help us disambiguate some identical-looking numbers, like 2 and 5, and 1 and 4. (Though 6 and 9 aren't disambiguated.)
top left cut up into 3×3 chunks

Now the clues make sense - they're giving hints as to what's underneath the squares. For instance, the second row is pretty readable already as D?E[L/C][S/J]: given the clue "USES A FOIL", the answer must be DUELS.

So we can fill in DUELS, using the font on the right as a reference for the "official" letter shapes.

Then we can continue, and reveal what was previously hidden:

The answers to the clues are ARENT, DUELS, NOVEL, and LAYER.

4×5 grid of 3×3 pixel letters

There are a few ambiguities in the tiles (which is 6 and which is 9? is 8 rotated or flipped?). But these can all be resolved, since all but one option for each will give you a non-letter.

So, the legibility of this puzzle is:

enter image description here



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