This is from a Times puzzle in an old book:

(DOWN) 4. Very modest contract: leading with a king makes good sense (5)

I know the answer is LOGIC but I can't see why - please can somebody explain it?

  • $\begingroup$ Out of interest, do you know how old the book is? I doubt the first reference in @hexomino's explanation (which I'm sure is correct) would be used nowadays, and probably not the second either $\endgroup$
    – aPaulT
    Jun 14, 2021 at 19:21
  • 2
    $\begingroup$ I found the crossword: it's no. 22810 from 2004 - more recent than I'd have guessed $\endgroup$
    – aPaulT
    Jun 14, 2021 at 20:42

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It's a tricky one but I think the idea is as follows

LOG is the king who "leads" (begins the word) and the "very modest contract" is IC which, I think, refers to a contract in bridge where a single club is the lowest contract as far as I understand (although I don't really know the rules). Also, as mentioned by Darrel Hoffman in the comments, "good sense" is the definition.

  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Wow, I thought for sure the king would be Og the Biblical character. $\endgroup$
    – Jafe
    Jun 14, 2021 at 10:53
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ And obviously rot13(tbbq frafr vf ybtvp)... $\endgroup$ Jun 14, 2021 at 19:48
  • $\begingroup$ @DarrelHoffman Oh yeah, I thought that bit was a given. Do you reckon I add it in for completeness? $\endgroup$
    – hexomino
    Jun 14, 2021 at 19:49
  • $\begingroup$ Might as well? I don't know what the rules are for how complete an answer needs to be... $\endgroup$ Jun 14, 2021 at 19:53

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