Ian Peleaga was on a quest. It was said arms dealers had a huge operation here in southern Atlanta and as an FBI agent, it was his job to expose it.
He had traced some dealers to an abandoned house at the edge of Douglas. The crime boss had taken a liking to him and wanted him to follow them. Ian was puzzled as to why, but obviously, clues had been left behind for him.

Like this house. He and his team rummaged through all the drawers, shelves, and even the shower drain. Nothing.
Except for a cryptic note.

The mathematician, RomanIan Douglas loved to MIX his coffee.

It was obvious it was meant for him. The strange uppercase I highlighting 'Ian'. Ian almost laughed.

But he never even remotely liked math. Why math? Eww, numbers. And coffee? He was more of a black tea person. And why was mix in caps and bolded on the note? Almost making a hole through the paper. This made no sense...

He was Romanian, his last name coming from one of the mountains there. And here he was in Douglas. But he guessed it the Douglas in the clue didn't mean anything.

He pondered this for hours. Then he took out his phone and googled a number and 2 words, one-word being coffee.

He got a result. Smiling to himself, he entered in his GPS **** ****** *** S, *******, GA 31533.

What did he find out? What is the address?


  • $\begingroup$ MIX in roman numerals is 1009. $\endgroup$ Jun 10, 2021 at 0:56

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The address is:

1009 Coffee Ave S, Douglas, GA 31533

What he Googled:

1009 Douglas Coffee


GA 31533 points to a city called Douglas in Georgia, U.S. and MIX in Roman numerals (as hinted by the first name) stands for the number 1009.


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