The answer to this puzzle is a single word.

enter image description here


Focus on figuring out enter image description here first. What could this possibly mean?


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The answer to this puzzle (just like this puzzle itself) is:


The first thing to do is interpret the circle, slash and square as suggesting we should:

divide (the slash) the sum of the internal angles of each shape (the circle) by the area in unit squares of the rectangle it sits within (the square).

Doing this produces the following calculations:

Triangle: $180/(3*3)=180/9=20$
Square: $360/(3*4)=360/12=30$
Pentagon: $540/(6*9)=540/54=10$
Hexagon: $720/(6*8)=720/48=15$
Heptagon: $900/(10*10)=900/100=9$
Octagon: $1080/(10*18)=1080/180=6$

Now we need to take the results of these calculations and refer to the two rows of numbers beside the diagram. This is:

a key, comprising 26 numbers - which is (conveniently) the total number of letters in the English alphabet.

If we set the top row of numbers as being equivalent to A-M in order, and continue along the bottom row with N-Z, and highlight the positions of the numbers correlating to the calculations we have just performed, we get the following:

enter image description here

Finally, considering the numbers in shape order (increasing number of sides), we spell out our final answer by reading off the encoded letters:

Triangle (20) - Square (30) - Pentagon (10) - Hexagon (15) - Heptagon (9) - Octagon (6)

i.e. S - O - L - V - E - D

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