I was recently at grandma's. Found this wooden puzzle her friend had made that I took apart as I thought it would be easy to put it back together. Turns out it was not.

I have identified is as The Yamato Block at Rob's Puzzle page. I am able to find solutions googling it, but they are hand drawn and I am having trouble following it.

Anyone who can point me to a better instruction?

Here are my pieces lined up as in the solution: enter image description here


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Are you just wanting the diagrams to be clearer? TinkerCad is pretty easy to learn and free. I made these if you want to play with them: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/kOCVDD6zTu9-yamoto-pieces

Yamoto Pieces

Then following the instructions (which your link starts at step 2):

Step 2 (front view):

Step 2

Step 3 (left side view):

Step 3

Step 4 (right side view):

Step 4

Step 5 (right side view):

Step 5

And then just put the last piece in.


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