My friend sent me this cipher:


She also said it roughly decodes to:

And I screamed for whatever its worth, 'I love you!' Ain't that the worst thing you've ever heard?

How is this cipher created? How would I be able to solve other ciphers like it?

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If you

reverse the ciphered text, you get:


which, when spaces are added, becomes (in my best estimation):

Et exclamavit voce magna et pretium quod pro "te amo" pessimus est, non esse umqum audistis te

This is apparently

a rough translation of the given decoded text into Latin, which you can verify for yourself on Google Translate, for instance.

Why this specific text I'm not entirely sure of, but

it appears to be a lyric in the Taylor Swift song "Cruel Summer", so perhaps you are/your friend is a Swiftie, and this "cipher" is testing your knowledge on her songs?

  • $\begingroup$ In particular, rot13(guvf vf abg n pvcure ng nyy, ohg fbzr bgure xvaq bs rapbqvat). $\endgroup$ Apr 22, 2021 at 3:42

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