Inspired by Avi's Vowelburger™ Riddle here
Business has been slow this past year. As such, we've decided to create and market a whole new burger for faithful customers. May I remind you, we still hold our grudge against the court. We had to get this one in through a loophole.

Single, Meat, Double Vowelburger™ Downtown Brown
? The 67% City
? company
? cucumber
? toys
? bland

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These Vowelburgers™ are made with

D and LL buns

And they are:

DALL - 67% of "Dallas", a city
DELL - a computer company
DILL - a type of pickle, made from cucumbers
DOLL - dolls are toys
DULL - synonym for "bland"

Not sure if the title is relevant, but the "loophole" might refer to

the unconventional clue for "dall"


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