Try make sense of the characters written below. It should lead you to a person.

C: 57 350 676 (6) E: 68 79 (4) GL 18 I Ma (3)

Who is this person?


The concealed person is:

the French philosopher, mathematician and scientist, René Descartes

Why? The list of characters can be split into 3 sections representing 3 words that must be found. Each section ends with an enumeration in brackets showing the length of the word to be found...

C: 57 350 676 (6)

Here, 'C' stands for 'Country'. If we interpret the three numbers that follow as country calling codes then these correspond to:

57=Colombia, 350=Gibraltar, 676=Tonga

Using their 2-letter ISO codes (which coincidentally here are also just their first two letters), we get the required 6-letter answer CO+GI+TO.

E: 68 79 (4)

Here, 'E' stands for 'Element'. Looking up the elements of the Periodic Table with these atomic numbers, we get Erbium and Gold. Taking the first two letters of each we get the 4-letter answer ER+GO.

GL: 18 I Ma (3)

Here, 'GL' stands for 'Greek letter'. The 18th letter of the Greek alphabet is Sigma. 'I Ma' represents the first halves of the words 'In Math'. We are being asked to find what the letter Sigma represents in mathematics, and the 3-letter answer is SUM.

Overall, then we have:

Cogito, ergo sum - the famous Latin philosophical statement made by Descartes which usually translates into English as 'I think, therefore I am'.

And as for the title - do I agree, or do I have to think about it...?

I agree. (At least I think so...!)

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