A swarm of dice bring nectar back to the hive from a domino garden. I just finished adding a new puzzle race game to Donimoes, my collection of domino puzzles and games, so I thought I would post a few bonus problems here. The game is Bee Donimoes, and the bees are dice flying back to the queen bee. Each die has to stay on the numbers that match it.

See Monday's problem for complete rules and and an example solution.

Today's problem is a little bigger and a little more challenging. Good luck, and post your solution as an answer. The solution will include three rounds: three dice, four dice, and five dice.

Wednesday problem

If you like this puzzle, watch for a more challenging problem on Friday.


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First round (9 moves):

2 frees 1: 2L5-U1R3-U2-L1-U2-R2
Leapfrog: 1L2D4, 2D4L4D1, 1L4D1R1
enter image description here

Second round (12 10 moves):

2 frees 1, now with 3: 2U2-L4-U1R1-U2-R2, 3U3-R4
Leapfrog: 1L2D1L3, 2D1L3D1R1, 3L3D1R1D1 enter image description here

Third round (7 6 moves):

4 helps 3 help 2: 4L1, 3U2R5, 2U3L2
Gathering: 4R3U2, 1L3D1, 3L2U1R1
enter image description here


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