What is the 6-letter word that associates with this rebus? enter image description here

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Figure out what the number means first.

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enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ Usually, hints are posted after some time when no one could solve the puzzle. $\endgroup$ – trolley813 Mar 23 at 10:05

The 6-letter word is



The number (see hint #1) is 1/60, and the 1/2 note is alternatively called minim. A minim is also a fluid unit (about 59 mm³, i.e. essentially a drop - see hint #2), and it's usually abbreviated as min. 1/60 of a minute (which is also abbreviated min) is called "second".

As for the title,

not only the word "minim" is used here in its non-musical meaning, but also "second" can be a music term too (an interval between e.g. C and D). But in the answer, it only means "a time unit".

  • $\begingroup$ You were so close... $\endgroup$ – IsaacRoan Sison Mar 23 at 10:25
  • $\begingroup$ It's very possible the intended answer is just rot13(zvahgr); this potentially fits better with the title, as it is not as commonly used as a musical term as your answer $\endgroup$ – samm82 Mar 23 at 18:32

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