Inspired by Avi's Vowelburger™ Riddle and the variations thereof

I got these Vowelburgers™ on discount, and they have a little different mouthfeel than others. Why is that?

Patty Vowelburger™
A Ink
E Vietnam
O Rugrat
U Tsk

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These Vowelburgers™ are made with

two T buns

And they are:

TAT - slang for a tattoo, which uses ink
TET - Tết is also known as the Vietnamese Lunar New Year
TIT - vulgar slang for a breast (hence the censorship)
TOT - "rug rat" is slang for a child (or a tot), and the show "Rugrats" focuses on a group of tots
TUT - a similar noise to "tsk" to express disapproval

The discount/different mouth feel could refer to

the fact that the two buns are the same. Eating a burger with two top buns would certainly feel different, and they could potentially save money by only needing to buy one type of bun?


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