Give me an R and I'll run

Give me an AR and I'll come running

Give me a T and I'll stop you from moving

Give me a D and I'll make you move

Leave me alone and I'll send you in different directions!

Can you tell my name?

As far as I know, this is original.

  • $\begingroup$ Give me an S and an T and I'll try so hard to move that I'll I need the G and the E when I get the EL and the E this moment. $\endgroup$
    – user121330
    Commented Feb 11, 2021 at 1:31

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Your name is:

RIVE, as in 'split or tear apart violently'.

If we 'give' you the letters mentioned...

Adding R produces a RIVER, which runs from its source to the sea.

Adding AR produces ARRIVE, suggesting coming to a specific location.

Adding T produces a RIVET - a metal bolt for fastening materials together (i.e. stopping them from moving).

Adding D produces DRIVE, suggesting moving (as in a car, for instance).

Meanwhile, leaving the word as it is, the definition of RIVE is as mentioned in the first line of this answer: 'to tear apart' - as if something has been pulled in different directions!


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