They're simple Vowelburgers™, but they are great for munching on while watching TV.

Meat Vowelburger™
E Ogre
I Job
O Marvel
U Malibu

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Thank you for ordering a takeaway from Vowelburger™! Our recommended viewing for tonight is as follows:

On Channel A = RAM. The Los Angeles Rams take on their close rivals in tonight's featured NFL game.

On Channel E = REM. Catch up on the latest instalments of anime series Re:Zero. Is Rem the blue ogre? Why not discuss this on Reddit while you watch.

On Channel I = RIM. Watch the 2016 TV movie, The Rim Job.

On Channel O = ROM. See what all the hype is about - watch the latest series from Marvel, featuring Rom the Space Knight.

And at the same time, why not wash down your Vowelburgers™ with some Malibu - i.e. some RUM!


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