A proverb and a myth, I will tell you a tale of two teams.
I saw them last night in my dreams.
The one team was sleeker, but started much weaker,
The other was strong from the start.

Yes, the other was strong from the start.
But we found that they had less heart.
They grew and grew by one link and two,
And then they came apart.

It was too late, broke under their weight.
But the other can't suffer this fate.
The sleeker was weaker, but it was a keeper,
They shared the load with each part.

They grew and grew, by one foot and two,
And bound their strength anew.
Silly as it seems, this tale of two teams,
A myth and a proverb, true.

Though it may seem grand, or from foreign land,
You’ve worked with them hand in hand.

What is the proverb, and what is the myth?
Who or what are the two teams?


The proverb is about the strength of a team.


The myth is a slight misunderstanding of the physical attributes of a particular item.


The two teams might be:

Sperm cells and eggs


Sperm are sleeker and (maybe?) weaker than eggs, and "They grew and grew by one and two, And then they came apart" sounds like cell division.


I cannot think of a proverb and myth about this. As for "You’ve worked with them hand in hand", I don't know WHAT you are implying!

  • $\begingroup$ Not a bad guess! But unfortunately that's not it. That was my wife's first guess too. One could wrote up a narrative for that. But for my answer, there is definitely a well known proverb (which I'm sure you know), and a fairly well known myth regarding these two teams. $\endgroup$
    – Hawkeye
    Feb 5 at 19:14

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