Part 1:

Write each answer as ONEWORD, without spaces, punctuation or abbreviating. Some questions may have more than one answer when taken alone, but only certain answers will work with respect to the whole puzzle.

1: Where can you find the easternmost traffic light in the United States, including territories and possessions?

2: What is the longest irregular verb?

3: Based on what you saw last month (December 2020), which is the most visible planet in our solar system?

4: Which four consecutive letters in the alphabet can be rearranged to form a familiar word, with each letter appearing at least once?

5: What’s a lung disease that comes from breathing in very fine ash and sand dust?

6: Name an 11-letter monosyllabic word.

7: Which two letters from the English alphabet are the least frequently used in the Spanish language?

8: What word means “to exalt”, and has an anagram that means “to instruct”?

Part 2:

145 46 365 415 32 43 82 58 81 48 24 22 105 96 58 27 21 275 17 16

Part 3:

Who is Mr. T and where does he work?


Partial answers are encouraged, as this may be tricky to solve alone, but the checkmark will go to whomever answers all parts correctly. When you’ve got it all figured out, copy from others if needed (and give credit) to form a complete answer.

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I believe that the theme is related to being extreme (easternmost, longest, most visible, etc.) so the answers that i came up with for some of the questions are: 5.pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis(the longest word in any major dictionary) 6. squirrelled


1: Probably ALASKA; it extends westward into the eastern hemisphere
3: From my experiences, EARTH
4: rstu => RUST

  1. The longest irregular verb I can find has 13 letters:


  1. The letters are:

K and W


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