That's a sequence I found on Quora. The goal is to find what goes replaces the "x"s. The answer should be letters, not numbers.

AI, CL, DP, xx, xx

Hint: you could convert the letters into numbers



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My answer:


Convert the letters to numbers 1-9,3-12,4-16,X-X,X-X = A-I,C-L,D-P,x-x,x-x as you can see by adding the value of the letters we get 9+1= 10 12+3= 15 16+4=20

that is a sequence that increases by five everytime 10,15,20,25,30

notice also that the sequence made of first letters has a pattern similar to fibonacci

A-C-D = 1,3,4 1+3=4

so next first letters should be 4+3=7 and 7+4=11

AI,CL,DP,GR,KS where x-x ,x-x equals to 7-18 11-19 = G-R,K-S

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