Can you tell me what this sequence represents? (something very well-known)

enter image description here

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Rebus explanation:


1111101101 (binary) converts to 1005 (decimal), which in Roman numerals is MV

EMU but the U got to go --> EM

  1. (thanks to Stiv!)

The word "unlucky" refers to the number 13. Using ROT13 cipher (in which A = N and N = A) the W will become a J.

SUNGLASSES, MINUS (electrons are negatively charged and often represented with a - sign), GLASSES --> SUN

Together they form

MVEMJSUN, aka the initials of our Solar System's eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Which is indeed something very well-known, and also explains the puzzle title.

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    $\begingroup$ Welcome to Puzzling (and Merry Christmas)! You're on a roll today! Your missing one is a trick you'll come to know about if you hang around on Puzzling - we often use a cipher called rot13 to hide spoilers and the like on this site, which simply moves a letter 13 spaces on (or back) through the alphabet. The 'unlucky' in the image is a hint to use this (link with 13) - and if you do this to the 'W' you get 'J'. Congrats on some good answering and I hope you stick around :) $\endgroup$
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Could have something to do with

a Smart Device Application Emulator

1111101101 - computer language 1's and 0's
(Initially thought 10-bit)

EMU + (you got to go)response: LATER! = EMULATOR


Polarized + glass + electricity = Cellphone screen or Monitor
(Initially thought smart glass - electronically tinting glass)


Perhaps as a sequence,
the code is input
into the emulator
where it is encrypted and compressed
and then displayed onto the screen


Possibly types of cellphone OS, but a stretch:
Initials (IOS),
We (Windows)
Are (Android)


This is kind of partial, but if it helps someone else, go with it.

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    $\begingroup$ Personally I think 2 is more likely to be just rot13(RZ - RZH bapr 'lbh' (H) unf tbar. Guvf pbhyq nyfb znxr frafr bs ybbxvat sbe vavgvnyf gbb...) $\endgroup$
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I can't tell you what it represents as I suspect it's a pop-culture reference...

possibly Star-Wars related as the title is very Yoda-esque,

... but I'm unfamiliar with it, so here's where I've got to with each item:


Binary, BIN, the number 1005, or 10-bits. Also a character code for ϭ which looks like a Russian 'b' but is actually Coptic Small Letter Shima in unicode.

The Australian Emu War of 1932: a nuisance wildlife management military operation undertaken in Australia over the latter part of 1932 according to Wikipedia ( hence 'you got to go' ). The initials here must be EW.

Rot13 of WP (WordPress) gives initials JC (Jesus Christ?)

Seeing electrons in glass $\rightarrow$ TV or CRT screen? Maybe this also refers to JJ Thomson who discovered the electron?


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