What is the longest country name that can be fully anagramed into one word from the Merriam-Webster dictionary?

Please use this site for the list of countries.

Minimum length 8 letters. If a country has 2 or more words in its name, then all the letters from those words must anagram to one single word. It is obvious, but if a country name has n letters the anagramed word must also have exactly n letters.

Please no programming. Don't forget to consider the title.

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    $\begingroup$ for Congo, Czechia, Eswatini, and Myanmar, are we allowed to use the name versions in parentheses? $\endgroup$
    – oAlt
    Dec 20, 2020 at 16:08
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    $\begingroup$ Yes indeed. But remember 8 letters minimum $\endgroup$
    – DrD
    Dec 20, 2020 at 16:41

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Given the title, I think the answer is


which anagrams to

Acrimonies, which means feelings of anger or bitterness


The longest I could find was

San Marino -> Romanians.

However, I am unsure of two things:

1) There is a possibility that the website I used to search for anagrams (Quinapalus Word Matcher) does not have complete results. I may have missed some equally valid and longer options.

2) Technically, "Romanians" does not have an entry in the current free online Merriam-Webster dictionary, but "Romanian" does. However, Romanians can be a valid plural form for Romanian, and typing Romanians into the dictionary redirects me to the entry for Romanian.


I'm not good at programming anyway, so I resorted to brute force (bad news: tedious; good news: I had time).

First, I copy-pasted part of the table in the site provided by OP. Next, I removed all the numbers and spaces, and then proceeded to sort them all by length, by hand. (Again, the downsides of not having a programmer's knowledge, but at least I wasn't breaking any rules set by OP! :P )
It was also fortunate that OP reminded me that only countries of length 8 letters or more are to be considered, so in the middle of sorting I removed the countries with less than 8 letters as well. Finally, I entered, one-by-one, each country name into the Quinapalus Word Matcher site.

At this point,

No anagrams of countries with length 10 letters or more appeared. After that, I saw Argentina -> "tanagrine", and San Marino -> "Romanians". Quick searches in Merriam-Webster (free online version) invalidated the first result.

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    $\begingroup$ And unfortunately, it doesn't explain the title either... $\endgroup$
    – oAlt
    Dec 20, 2020 at 17:22

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