Behold, the first (predictably negatively scored) meta post on the main site.

To puzzle posters of this site:

123##456 sacrifices 123#456. If you're going to focus on 123##456 over 123#456, you should 1245.

Rules: Uncover the context of the above "meta post", where each number represents a unique character, and each hashtag covers one character.

For example:

My 123#45 makes 12345 for me by doing tricks.

Would bear the answer:

My monkey makes money for me by doing tricks.

(Note: The hashtags can also contain characters assigned to a number, and there can be multiple hashtags with the same value.)


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The message is

'QUANTITY sacrifices QUALITY. If you're going to focus on QUANTITY over QUALITY, you should QUIT.


1 = Q
2 = U
3 = A
4 = I
5 = T
6 = Y
# = N,T,L


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