There's an integer n>0 such that subtracting n (where A=1, …, and Z=26) from some (more than one) of the letters in word #1 yields word #2.

Replacing the first plosive in word #3 by a fricative and the first vowel by a syllabic approximant yields word #5.

Replacing thunder with war in word #5 yields word #4.

In America, replacing what sounds like a plural in word #3 with what sounds like a comparative yields word #7.

What's word #6?


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Word #6 is


Words 1 & 2:

Subtracting 6 from the first two letters in Sunday gives Monday.
(S - 6 = M, U - 6 = O)

Words 3 & 5:

T (plosive) -> Th (fricative)
E (vowel) -> R (sounds like er (syllabic approximant) (?))
= Tuesday -> Thursday

Words 5 & 4:

Thursday is named after Thor (god of thunder) Wednesday is named after Woden (god of war)

Words 3 & 7:

Replace Tues (sounds like a plural of Twos) with Satur (sounds like sadder (comparative) (thanks OP!)) to give Saturday

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    – msh210
    Nov 30, 2020 at 15:32

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