I found a free logical reasoning test which consisted of 10 questions. I managed to solve all the other questions correctly except for the last one:

enter image description here

I could not find a pattern for the squares and circles. I could only find one in the lines, which is that the lines move up as the sequence continues. However, this leaves me with 3 possible answers. I could only guess the answer and hope that I get it correct. Which one is the correct answer, and what is the correct reasoning?


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I would say the answer is

Option D (bottom-right corner)

If you look at

the columns you see that the bar remains in the same position, the circle moves downwards and shift color and the square moves upwards and shift color


I finally got an answer, the answer is:

The option on the bottom right corner


You don't actually need to look at the second picture. The rule is, the shapes on the sides switch positions, and the line moves to the top. It looks something like this: enter image description here
Therefore, the only possible answer would be 4(the option on the bottom right).


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