My previous puzzle The QWERTY-shortest word was solved nearly instantly by the effective puzzling community. I also believe it is because the main parameter of the puzzle 4.7 was not perferectly set. So I propose you the same puzzle with the parameter 7, length of word "puzzles". The following is a recall of the puzzle.

We define the distance between two letters as the shortest way on a QWERTY keyboard to go from a letter to another with a path.


  • Q and W are seperated by a distance of 1.
  • 2 for E and T.
  • 2 for I and N going through J.
  • 9 for Z and P.

enter image description here

Can you find:

  1. $S$: The shortest word in Merriam Webster such that its number of letters is greater or equal than 7
  2. $L$: The longest word in Merriam Webster such that its number of letters is lesser or equal than 7

Score is $L$ minus $S$. Your aim is to get the highest score.


  • Love, $L=9$
  • Puzzles, $S=24$

Score is $9-24 = -15$


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My best score so far is

L - S = 40


SEERESS which scores 4


AMALAKA which scores 44


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