A mighty warrior by the name of Stiv the Slayer has done enough by brawn to prove himself worthy of entering the Guild of 24/7rs. Now what is left is that he needs to prove that his brains are also up to standard so he is given a puzzle at the door. He, being over 9k iq works it out in seconds.

Can you work it out too?


Please provide the missing answer.

R heart, for C

G and W wolf, for S

DB bow, for R

S shield, for D

W star, for P

LB fist, for S

S sword, for A



The introductory passage contains several hints but there is one very big hint in it.

RGB and Icon


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Seems like the answer is

B Hat, for M

The descriptions seem to be of the icons of Combat skills in Runescape. Additionally, the rs in "Guild of 24/7rs" seems to be referring to RuneScape.

Red Heart for Constitution
Grey and White Wolf for Summoning
Dark Brown Bow for Range
Silver shield for Defence
White star for Prayer
Light Brown Fist for Strength
Silver Sword for Attack

The only one missing seems to be Blue Hat for Magic.

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