Here is a river crossing puzzle (note that whenever I use the term "colors", I mean the squares):

Yellow and Red are on one side of the river, while Pink, Blue, Green and Black are on the other side.
There is a singe boat that can hold at most 2 colors on the side where there are four colors.

Some of the colors have bonds and/or beefs with other colors.

Here are all the color's requirements:

  • Yellow won't go with Black

  • Red will only go alone

  • Pink will only go if Yellow is going

  • Blue won't go with Green, and will only go if Yellow is going

  • Green will go without any conditions

  • Black won't go alone and won't go with any of Yellow and Blue.

Here is an example where I bring the colors across in a total of 9 trips:

enter image description here

Find a way to bring all the colors to the opposite sides of the river in under 9 boat trips.

I programmed the tool in the above example. You can find the tool here.


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I think the following would work (8 trips)

1. Green crosses alone.
2. Yellow comes back alone.
3. Yellow crosses with Blue.
4. Yellow comes back alone.
5. Yellow crosses with Pink.
6. Yellow and Green come back.
7. Green and Black cross.
8. Red comes back alone.


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