What follows is the transcript from my interview with a person called Gray, a notably terse video game streamer who has gotten big in recent years despite only playing one series of games.

Q: So, how are things going for you, what with the pandemic and everything?

A: Regular.

Q: Good to hear. Are you ready for my questions?

A: Shoot.

Q: Do you have any advice for up-and-coming streamers?

A: Hydrate.

Q: And anything you think they should avoid?

A: Marijuana.

Q: All right. Thinking back to when you started making money with your streaming--how did that make you feel?

A: Excited.

Q: Did you buy anything with those first proceeds?

A: Diamonds.

Q: Moving on, I'd like to talk about your former partnership with fellow streamer Steamy. Reportedly, you two did not get along. How was your relationship?

A: Trying.

Q: To what do you attribute Steamy's antipathy towards you?

A: Bias.

Q: And how do you find her behavior?

A: Base.

Q: Do you have any good memories of that time?

A: Fleeing.

Q: Ha, I suppose. How intense are your feelings about the whole situation now?

A: Medium.

Q: That's fair. Are you dealing with any problems now?

A: Illness.

Q: Aren't we all. What do you do in your free time?

A: Groove.

Q: I know you've had an interest in creating art lately, too. What would you say you do?

A: Trace.

Q: I think you're just being humble. Just a couple more questions here, from your fans--

A: Interminable.

Q: I know you're kidding, but I'm not sure that one works. Ah, well. What's your favorite kind of media?

A: Macabre.

Q: And how do you feel about the upcoming years, hopefully of more success?

A: Ready.

So here's the thing: I forgot a question at the end! I was supposed to ask him what his favorite soda is!

What's Gray's favorite soda?


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Gray's favourite soda is:


Why? Because all of the answers he has given are:

synonyms of Pokémon types. The 17 given are:

Regular = NORMAL, Shoot = FIRE, Hydrate = WATER, Marijuana = GRASS, Excited = ELECTRIC, Diamonds = ICE, Trying = FIGHTING, Bias = POISON, Base = GROUND, Fleeing = FLYING, Medium = PSYCHIC, Illness = BUG, Groove = ROCK, Trace = GHOST, Interminable = DRAGON ('drag on'), Macabre = DARK, and Ready = STEEL.

The only type that is missing is Fairy, a synonym for which is SPRITE! (Note also that this ordering is the typical one that appears most in literature associated with the game, so the missing answer is also the 18th term of a sequence, not just a set...)

Note also that:

'Gray' is the colour of ASH, which is the name of the main protagonist from the original Pokémon games, which must be the 'one series of games' he has played!

  • $\begingroup$ Never would have guessed this; last time I played pokemon was years ago. Nice one! $\endgroup$
    – PDT
    Nov 1, 2020 at 8:21

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