What is the common link between

  • an extraterrestrial entity,
  • a space traveller,
  • Michael Douglas,
  • a friend of Thomas,
  • a friend of Tony,
  • an Army infantry regiment,
  • and some naked ladies?

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This puzzle is very similar in spirit to [ What do they have in common? ].

The answer is

Gordon $~~~$ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon)

for the following reasons:

  • an extraterrestrial entity

    Gordon Shumway (TV series ALF)

  • a space traveller

    Gordon Cooper (astronaut)

  • Michael Douglas

    Gordon Gekko (Douglas' character in movie "Wallstreet")

  • a friend of Thomas

    Thomas and Gordon (the tank engines)

  • a friend of Tony

    Gordon Brown (successor of Tony Blair)

  • an Army infantry regiment

    The Gordon Highlanders https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Highlanders

  • and some naked ladies

    Gordon (title of first album of the "Barenaked Ladies").


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