I have hidden something from my nemesis Aufero inside other words. The rules are that I can only add one or more letters to a word inside that word (not at the beginning or end), I can only add a single string of letters, and both words must be valid.

For example, I can turn actuate into accentuate, but I cannot turn scribe into describe, or mount into monument. Word pairs such as actuate-accentuate are called auferonyms.

I have taken the letters of the the secret word and hidden them inside the following words. Aufero only knows that my secret has something to do with an upcoming wedding.

transverse    ruin       taint     better

patient    convalesce    wraith    found

What am I hiding from Aufero?


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I think what you are hiding is the



Looking at the auferonyms and the letters that need to be removed we have

RUIN $\rightarrow$ RUN
TAINT $\rightarrow$ TINT
BETTER $\rightarrow$ BEER
PATIENT $\rightarrow$ PATENT
WRAITH $\rightarrow$ WRATH
FOUND $\rightarrow$ FUND

The removed letters are NSIATTINVIO which anagrams to INVITATIONS.

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    – Sputnik
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