Here's some examples of rotting links. Why are they rotting, and what links them?

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Lebanon - ROT -> Slovenia
Monaco - ROT -> Slovenia
European Union - ROT -> Slovenia - ROT -> Antarctica

enter image description here

Brunei - ROT -> Haiti - ROT -> Malaysia - ROT -> Uganda - ROT -> Armenia - ROT -> Haiti

enter image description here

Trinidad And Tobago <- ROT -> Myanmar

enter image description here

People's Republic of China - ROT -> People's Republic of China

enter image description here

Antigua and Barbuda - ROT -> Tanzania - ROT -> Bahrain - ROT -> British Indian Ocean Territory - ROT -> Montserrat
Ukraine - ROT -> Bahrain

And finally some that don't rot at all (at least, not currently)

enter image description here

Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Latvia, Kiribati, Kazakhstan, Lithuania

In the case of discrepancies, the images take precedence

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One country links to another by

taking the country code internet domain and ROT-ing it forward by the number of letters in the country name, including punctuation and spaces. ROT here is a Caesar cipher, or rotation cipher.

For example,

Lebanon is .lb and length 7
-> ROT7(lb) = si, or Slovenia.
Then, Slovenia is length 8
-> ROT8(si) = aq, which is Antarctica.
Then, Antarctica is length 10
-> ROT10(aq) = ka, which is not a used domain, so there's no outgoing link.

Interestingly, People's Republic of China is

26 characters, and since ROT26(cn) = cn, it links to itself.

All of them:

Lebanon: ROT7(lb) = si, Slovenia
Monaco: ROT6(mc) = si, Slovenia
European Union: ROT14(eu) = si, Slovenia
Slovenia: ROT8(si) = aq, Antarctica
Antarctica: ROT10(aq) = ka, no link

Brunei: ROT6(bn) = ht, Haiti
Haiti: ROT5(ht) = my, Malaysia
Malaysia: ROT8(my) = ug, Uganda
Uganda: ROT6(ug) = am, Armenia
Armenia: ROT7(am) = ht, Haiti

Trinidad and Tobago: ROT19(tt) = mm, Myanmar
Myanmar: ROT7(mm) = tt, Trinidad and Tobago

People's Republic of China: ROT26(cn) = cn, People's Republic of China

Antigua and Barbuda: ROT19(ag) = tz, Tanzania
Tanzania: ROT8(tz) = bh, Bahrain
Bahrain: ROT7(bh) = io, British Indian Ocean Territory
British Indian Ocean Territory: ROT30(io) = ROT4(io) = ms, Montserrat
Montserrat: ROT10(ms) = wc, no link

Mongolia: ROT8(mn) = uv, no link
Sri Lanka: ROT9(lk) = uv, no link
Latvia: ROT6(lv) = rb, no link
Kiribati: ROT8(ki) = sq, no link
Kazakhstan: ROT10(kz) = uj, no link
Lithuania: ROT9(lt) = uc, no link

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