Here's a series of text messages between me and my friend.

Me: Couldn't use ebg13, so used ______ to hide my messages.
Him: What? How is this possible???
Me: A big prime ______, what else did you expect?
Him: Hmm.
Me:(Note: this is multiline. Also, this is not part of the text. See below.)

˂ E ? W ˃

.________ ƨɒw ɈxɘɈ ƨiʜɈ ƨƨɘυϱ I
Him: You have a secret message! But… it's just incoherent words.
Me: A padlock and a word lock? Oh my!
Him: More encryptions, huh?
Me: yep. bsixfour,spoilthirteen,atcommandlanguage.

What is the code?


that last text contains the name of three encryptions. Split them up!


Only look at my texts. His are just replies.


the first of the last is the answer of the first.


I accidentally flopped the ____ and ____.


As with all my puzzles, what goes in the underscores is the same length as the number of underscores.


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