Textual form of above: cyan = 0, 3, 7, 8, A, E, F, M, O, P, Q, X, Y, Z; green = 1, 4, 5, B, C, G, J, N, R, T, W; lilac = 2, 6, 9, D, H, I, K, L, S, U, V

Hint 1:


Hint 2:


Hint 3:

The textual form may be more helpful than you think! (Colors have nothing to do with it.)

Hint 4:

5º 6.5h -- 12796

Hint 5:

Use the letters. (Hint for previous hint.)

Hint 6:

As a hint for hints 4 and 5, ARCHMAGE -- 7158 would be "GAME"

Hint 7: (still the last hint, but I will wait until the bounty is almost over to post my answer)

The last three hints refer to "MORSE" (as in Morse Code) and the stars clue leads to "POLLUX." Interpret that how you will!

Use the information given above this line to figure it out!

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The image provided with this puzzle and the clues attached to it suggest that what we are dealing with here is a:

POLLUX CIPHER - a cipher where a message has been written in Morse code, and then the dots, dashes and spaces further encoded using numbers and letters.

Hint 1: The largest star on the 28° line in the map is POLLUX, in the constellation Gemini.
Hint 2: Pollux is a twin star (paired with Castor). Castor and Pollux were twins in Greek mythology (hence their connection with Gemini - 'the twins' - in astrology).
Hint 3: The numbers and letters in cyan represent dots, the greens are dashes, and the lilacs are spaces. The textual form is especially useful as these arrangements are the default options for encoding this cipher in some online tools.
Hints 4-7: The word written at 5° 6.5h in the diagram is MONOCEROS. If we take characters 1-2-7-9-6 from its name, we spell MORSE.

Applying this we find that the sequence of 106 numbers and letters (beginning 7E579...) translates to:

..-. .. -. -.. -- . ..- -. -.. . .-. - .... . -... .-.. ..- . -... .- .-. -. --- -. - .... . .-.. . ..-. -

...which in turn translates to:


This sounds like the message receiver is being led towards a physical location with which they should be familiar - a blue barn - beneath which they will find their target.

Alternative solution (because it would be fun to reuse the image):

The message could also be parsed as FIND ME UNDER THE BLUE BAR 'N' ON THE LEFT, where 'N' is shorthand for 'AND'. This could be a suggestion that one of the features just below the blue bar and on the left side of the image provided is important, possibly one of the unlabelled stars or the green dot (indicating a nebula) numbered '2392', which goes by the names of Caldwell 39, the Eskimo Nebula, the Clown-Faced Nebula, and the Lion Nebula:
enter image description here

Alternatively, it could be pointing towards the words even further down the diagram - CANIS MINOR - which also satisfy this description:
enter image description here

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