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The 16 words below may be partitioned into 4 groups of 4 connected words.
The resulting four words also have a connection, but in this case, the final connection is a picture, not a word or phrase.

    |     FLEA     |     FOX      |     FROG     |  TARANTULA   |  
    |    STAND     |     SAID     |    BURNS     |    BLACK     |  
    |    GRASS     |    SHADE     |   FURLONG    |     CLOD     |  
    |    HUDSON    |     JAR      |     WAR      |     FALL     |

Can you identify the four groups and the associated group-words?
What is the picture that links the group-words together?

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    $\begingroup$ Nice puzzle! Really like the connection at the end! $\endgroup$ – Jeremy Dover Aug 27 at 13:55
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks @JeremyDover and thanks for the inspiration. $\endgroup$ – hexomino Aug 27 at 16:02

The answer is:

enter image description here
Nighthawks by Edward Hopper; Source: Wikipedia

The four groups are:

enter image description here
A NIGHTjar; Source: Britannica.com
(NIGHT)SHADE, a family of plants including many fruits and vegetables
(NIGHT)FALL, when it gets dark
(NIGHT)JAR, a beautiful bird
(NIGHT)STAND, the piece of furniture.

enter image description here.
Hudson HAWK; Source: filmstories.co.uk
TARANTULA (HAWK), a frightening wasp
WAR (HAWK), politician in favor of war
BLACK (HAWK), a famous Sauk Native American leader (or boring helicopter)
HUDSON (HAWK), a Bruce Willis action-comedy

EDWARD: All answers are famous EDWARDs!
enter image description here
EDWARD Said; Source: en.qantara.de
(EDWARD) FURLONG, an actor that I think I recognize?
(EDWARD) SAID, famed professor and author of Orientalism
(EDWARD) FOX, another slightly recognizable actor, or any of these guys
(EDWARD) BURNS, I definitely recognize this actor, but probably couldn't normally name him

HOPPER: thought all were insects, but clodHOPPER is a shoe enter image description here
frogHOPPER; Source: wlgf.org
FLEA(HOPPER), insect
CLOD(HOPPER), a shoe or fool
FROG(HOPPER), insect

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    $\begingroup$ Perfect. I like the style of your answer too. $\endgroup$ – hexomino Aug 27 at 16:01

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