Try as I do I cannot fit the answers, which I look up on Danword, to any of the cryptic rules that I understand.

So please can someone explain just 3 of the clues/answers

Go through old block - VETO

Articles foremost in most country music - ANTHEM

A tot's raised to adopt Australian philosopher - SPINOZA

Thank you.


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VET is to "go through" in the sense of "process" + O is "old" => "block" which is VETO

I am not really sure about ANTHEM, but it looks like the two "articles" AN + THE with the "foremost" part of "most" being M => ANTHEM which is country music?? (edit: duh as in the music of a country.. sorry I am slow today)

"A tot's" in slang could be A NIPS in the sense of "a shot of alcohol"... "raised" being reversed and "adopt" indicating put "Australian" = OZ in it for a confusing clue to the philosopher SPINOZA

Someone else may have better justification!


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