The trade path between Calmarnock and Arcadia continues to be a hotspot for supposedly paranormal activities, people have been going missing at an alarming rate, the council wouldn't want to shut down the trade path! The traders are also hesitant to tread along this sacrilegious path.

Calmarnock sent a search party from their kingdom who was lead by Atilla the great, and in Atilla's party were the following members: Torvald Ostio Ifrit

It's been over two days since the search party responded, the council of Calmarnock has requested the guilds to help them out by finding the lost party. Your guild sends you and your search party to help Atilla's group, but you are faced with a big hurdle.....

There is a rogue Demon lurking around the area.

  • Who is this Demon? It could be the reason behind so many disappearance...


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