I lived in a very old house with my father a very long time ago . We are a family with $3$ members , and my mother had died long ago.

We have now shifted to a new house , since the old house became too old and we have decided to sell it at some point . Right now no one lives in the house .

One day I was watching the news when I saw that a dead body of a girl was found buried in the garden near our our old house !! . The police found the body and said they will soon start to investigate .

I immediately called my father (who was living in another room) and we had the following conversation :-

Me :- Are you watching the news?

Father :- No, why what happened?

Me :- A dead body was found buried near our old house we lived before !!

Father :- What, are you serious? That's so scary . Who could have done that?

Me :- Yes , it's very scary . It gives me the creeps when I think about it !

Father :- Yeah it definitely does . I wonder who buried her near our house .

Me :- The police are investigating about this case . I Hope they find the murderer soon .

Father :- Yeah I hope so too.

For a second I wasn't aware of something . But now I immediately understood that my father is the killer and called the police, who arrested him very soon.

What made me think so?


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He said "I wonder who buried her..." How would he have known the victim's gender if he had not been the murderer?

  • $\begingroup$ That was quick !! $\endgroup$
    – Anonymous
    Aug 12, 2020 at 14:32
  • $\begingroup$ @SouradipDas - Yes, it was! My best yet, I think! $\endgroup$ Aug 12, 2020 at 14:32

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