Four administrators (A, B, C, and D) from a company have written letters about four topics: Energy, Security, Nutrition, and Manpower. Each letter has a unique topic, sender, and receiver.


  • the admin who has sent a letter about nutrition has received a letter about security from A.
  • the letter which has been sent by B has been received not by D.
  • the letter which has been received by D wasn't about nutrition.
  • none of the two admins have written letters to each other (for example, we don't have "B to A" if we have "A to B").

Question: If the letter about manpower has been sent by D, which admin has received the letter about energy?


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This should be easy enough even without building a formal grid:

* D didn't receive the security letter (nutrition letter writer did, D wrote about manpower)
* D didn't receive the nutrition letter (says so in point 3)
* D didn't receive the manpower letter (he wrote it)

So as long as I've correctly understood the uniqueness rules,

D must have received the letter about energy.


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