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Some clues are missing one of four different five-letter words, marked A, B, C and D. The missing words are included in the grid as the unclued entries 16a, 35a, 22d and 23d, not necessarily in that order. Find the missing words and fill the grid.

1. Performs surveillance with zero seconds to go (7)
6. A's trial finally ended (5)
9. 36 down donated a plant (5)
11. Trainer at sea or land (7)
12. Things B together for poor gal in care of retired mother (7)
13. Game #4 of Cards Against Humanity (5)
14. Way to end someone's marriage, at last: promptly running in the opposite direction (5)
15. Extortion case – bringing of charges following (7)
16. (unclued)
19. Innocent child singer has unopened C to start with (6)
23. Two Egyptian gods; second returns to initial state (6)
26. Not running by a river in Spanish province (7)
27. Follower of Chinese leader facing very strong American in revolution (6)
28. Yours truly is aboard, masculine at D (6)
29. The day before getting left with American, I became evasive (7)
30. Help blockading soldier, maybe A (6)
32. Pirate captain's lost his head, D and stomach, say (6)
35. (unclued)
38. One may bite hard C, occasionally, inspiring twisted ditty (7)
40. D perhaps experiencing top luxury accommodation: ... (5)
41. … A mountain hotel with a bit of atmosphere (5)
42. Catalogue C, old bigwig (7)
43. Vehicles having rough interior for those looking for a young A (7)
44. Strange beverage, unopened and B evenly (5)
45. Bury woman passed in the cold part of the year (5)
46. Attracts crowd, ultimately with vulgar wickedness (5,2)

1. One hundred support a divine being that's magnificient (8)
2. Singing above the peaks of Kiwis' "Everest" – amazing, endless Aoraki (7)
3. Address monitor at empty C (5)
4. Two people, together, met and… fooled around (6)
5. In Italy, three C essentially placed under mother's rectangular arrangement (6)
6. Rented out to the minimum extent, they say (6)
7. Small bottles; volume is about one litre (5)
8. Music newspaper and magazine (7)
10. First person B game's icons (6)
17. Break in to be in rebellion, united around A (7)
18. Nobleman that's head of region, until now (7)
20. Nation south of D of 30 down (5)
21. Umpire has it put back into place (5)
22. (unclued)
23. (unclued)
24. After drinking whiskey, perform vocal jazz (5)
25. Claw of vertically sizable individual scratching feet (5)
30. Sarah flying above a desert (6)
31. Gin, a little Noilly-Prat and finally bitter, B, with orange peel? (7)
33. I'm captured by extremely orderly guards – ultimately, 38 and 42 across? (7)
34. Tests on B headwear (7)
35. Listener solver's last pieces written down by D, mostly (6)
36. Adam Banks, father in Marseille, became one of France's foremost scientists (6)
37. Detected time A performed exceptionally well (6)
39. A little piece of information of New Year's festival at company retreat (5)
40. Diving below the surface of small island in the Caribbean (5)


The solved grid:

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Clue explanations:

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