This is a very straightforward puzzle. Here are $25$ dots in a $5\times 5$ matrix. $$ \begin{matrix} \cdot & \cdot & \cdot & \cdot & \cdot\\ \cdot & \cdot & \cdot & \cdot & \cdot\\ \cdot & \cdot & \cdot & \cdot & \cdot\\ \cdot & \cdot & \cdot & \cdot & \cdot\\ \cdot & \cdot & \cdot & \cdot & \cdot\\ \end{matrix} $$

Just connect 12 dots of these dots to make a cross that has $5$ dots inside it and $8$ dots outside it?

For an editor-guy, here is a screenshot of these dots:


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You can draw a cross that satisfies these constraints like this:

enter image description here

12 dots connected, 5 dots inside, 8 outside. The trick is to realise:

that you can draw a cross using diagonal lines rather than trying to use just horizontal and vertical connections (as a grid might automatically lead you to try).


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