x = r("k")
y = l("ft")
z = x("t")

The answer is on the x(y(z("i36g9q4e")))


= dl("u9j6")

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The answer is


because the functions are defined as

r() = right on the keyboard
l() = left on the keyboard
d() = down on the keyboard (u() presumably equals up but is not used)

thus we get

x = r('k') == l, so x is left
y = l('ft') == dr, so y is down then right
z = x('t') == r (see two lines up), so z is right

and finally the hint

is just down and left from u9j6 on the keyboard (ie u->h, 9->i, j->n, 6->t)


z('i36g9q4e') -> o47h0w5r, y('o47h0w5r) -> lrunpstf, x('lrunpstf') -> keyboard!

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